Instructions for Follett Shelf

Follett Shelf:
User name- your lunch number_________________________

Password- your last name______________________________

 Open FollettShelf from the tool bar at the top right of the Destiny homepage.

· View our book selections and checkout what you would like to read for 2 weeks.

· Your can read your eBook on any Apple device, Smart phone, tablet, desktop, Kindle, Nook or laptop.

Download App
A: Download and install
Follett Brytewave K-12 Edition from app store or Google Play

B. Launch mobile app

C. Enter your username and password

     Username:  your lunch number

      Password: your last name

D.  Enter Follett Shelf url:

Step 2:  Access Follett Shelf and Checkout an eBook

A. Tap the shelf icon to go to your schools’s Follett Shelf

B. Navigate or Search to find the eBook you would like to read

C. Tap on the eBook, then select and tap “Checkout”

Step 3: Opening and reading an eBook

A. Navigate back to the Follett Enlight app

B. Tap “Download” for the check out eBook you would like to read


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