School Consultation Team

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Each school establishes a School Consultation Team (SCT) to process referral requests for students suspected of having a disability. School personnel, parents, or another person may refer a student to this team. For students who are referred, the team will review the student’s education records and information about the student’s performance and make recommendations for meeting the student’s educational and behavioral needs. In reviewing the student’s performance, the school consultation team may use a process based on the student’s response to scientific and research based interventions(RTI). The team will ensure that these interventions are documented, and that the use of these interventions do not unnecessarily delay a student’s evaluation for special education. If the student does not make appropriate progress using these interventions, the team will refer the student to the special education administrator for an evaluation to determine if the student needs special education and related services. As a member of the committee, the building principal or designee (SCT Coordinator) receives all referrals to the team. The team may make a referral for evaluation for special education and related services at any time. This may be prior to or while implementing these strategies. Any action by the team must be in writing and must include the information on which the decision is based.