Grading Information

To promote student learning of academic skills, information, and concepts, the Bedford County School Board adopted a revised grading policy and regulation for implementation in 2013-14. Highlights of the new practices include:

  • Continued use of 9 weeks grading periods withinterims after the 4th week and 7th week(if necessary).
  • A distinction between summative and formativeassessment. Summative assessment, or assessment of student learning after atopic has been taught, will be worth at least 70% of students’ grades.Formative assessment, or ongoing assessment of student learning for the purposeof giving regular feedback, will be worth no more than 30% of students’ grades.
  • Homework will be weighted no more than 10% ofstudents’ grades (or up to 1/3 of the formative assessment category).
  • The use of electronic, standards based reportcards that give detailed skill-based feedback in grades K-2. Specific standardswill be assessed with the following scale:

4 Above proficient

3 Proficient

2 Below proficient

1 Insufficient evidence of proficiency

NA Not assessed this grading period

  • A grading scale that is consistent across allcourses in grades 3-12:

A 90-100 Highly Proficient

B 80-89 Above Proficient

C 70-79 Proficient

D 60-69 Below Proficient

F Below 60 Insufficient Evidence of Proficiency

I Incomplete work

  • The ability to withdraw from high school courseswithout a transcript notation for 5 weeks (after the first interim report).
  • Honor Roll eligibility in grades 3-12 based on grades and behavior.
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