Sandy Brandt

Hello, My Name Is...
Mrs. Sandy Brandt
Family and Consumer Science
Grades 6-8

6th and 7th Grade Classes
Welcome to FACS Class

  Quarter Class

Supply List:  Paper, pencil and folder for class notes


This nine weeks you will be focusing on the following areas:

  1. Setting goals
  2. Comparison shopping
  3. Consumer decision making
  4. Career decision making
  5. The value of education
  6. The steps to success
  7. Workplace skills
  8. Communication skills
  9. Choices have consequences
  10. Personal safety
  11. Basic sewing


Some of the highlights of this nine weeks will be:

  • Pancake Day
  • Planning an entire meal on a budget
  • Our trip to Kroger to shop on a budget
  • Preparing and eating an entire meal in class
  • Sewing lessons

Grading policy:

At least one grade per week will be taken in Family and Consumer Science Class.  The first grade will be given for returning the newsletter with a parent or guardian signature.  This is due by the end of the first week.  After that, each week there will be at least one grade taken in class.  Quizzes are always "open-note quizzes," so be sure to keep your class notes with you at all times.  The daily opening exercises will be collected at various intervals and will also count as a grade.  There is no reason to feel stressed over quizzes in my class, as long as you take good notes, keep up with them, and listen in class.

If your parents are willing to come in and help out, please let me know. I could use assistance on our Pancake Day and our Kroger Trip.

 Have a great nine weeks.


Welcome to 8th Grade FACS! 
Semester Class

Supply List:  Paper, pencil and folder for notes

During this semester, we will focus on the following:

  1. Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
  2. Kitchen Equipment
  3. Cooking Methods
  4. Fiber Facts
  5. Etiquette
  6. Exploring Careers
  7. The Job Interview
  8. Caring for Children
  9. Handling Emergencies
  10. Managing Money
  11. Consumer Choices
  12. Conserving the Environment
  13. Internet Safety
  14. Staying Fit
  15. Clothing
  16. Basic Sewing

The following will be our highlights:

  • Cooking every Friday
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies from scratch
  • Sewing a pillow for your room
  • Making biscuits from scratch
  • Resume and job application skills

Grading policy:

Each week you will be given at least one class grade.  The quizzes that I give will always be "open-notes" quizzes, so be sure to take good notes and keep them organized in your binder.  The opening exercises will also count as a grade.  Remember, if you're absent, find someone's notes to copy.


Friday Cooking Days:

If you have a parent or guardian that could help us cook on Fridays, please let me know.  The times would be from 1:45-3:30 on Friday afternoons.  Thanks so much.


Have a great semester!

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