6th Grade Health

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This week in Health...

A one week of Virginia Rules:  Officers of the Bedford County Sheriffs Department will be presenting Standards that meet School SOL's. 
      Topics covered: The truth about gangs and violence
                                 Students' role in their families, schools, and                                                     communities
                                 Goal setting tips
                                 How to make wise decisions
                                 Communication skills
                                 Empathy for others
                                 Responding to peer pressure
                                 Anger Management
                                 How to resolve conflicts 

Week 1 
Day 1- Monday- All about me essay, class rules and expectations. 

We will begin our class with the Skeletal System
Tuesday: we will label the bones with the common and Latin names 

Wednesday: Skeletal notes- notes will be taken for the skeletal system

Thursday: Quiz on Bones. 

Friday: Notebook check day, Red and Black day

Week 2
Monday: Muscle unit we will begin with Labeling the muscles by their Latin names. 

: We will write notes on our muscular system.

Wednesday: Quiz on the muscles. We will study by creating a 10 question quiz for a partner to complete. 

Thursday: Test day on the bones and muscles. Take a word search when you have completed your test and placed it on the teachers desk. 

Friday is Notebook check day. Review test grades. Wear red and/or black day. 

Week 3
This week we will combine the bones and muscles into a project of application. 
The student will choose a partner. Work with that partner the whole week. Together, they will be choosing an activity that the students will be able to apply the muscles and bones learned to an action of their choice, using iPads, iMovie. 
This will take most of the week to complete. 
Friday is still Red and Black day!

Week 4 
Monday: We will begin our Nervous system. Labeling the brain and talking about how the nervous system works. 

Tuesday: We will review the Nervous System by taking  a verbal quiz to test their memory. 

Wednesday: We will  begin talking about the Digestive system and how digestion begin, the path it takes and is eliminated!

Thursday: We will review both the nervous and digestive systems with a short collaborative quiz. 

: Notebook check day. Red and Black day! Review test. 

Week 5
MondayWe will cover the Urinary system and label all its organs and how fluids are eliminated.  

Tuesday: We will review all three systems Nervous, Digestive and Urinary Systems with the teacher with an activity. 

WednesdayThe Student will review the Nervous system, Digestive system, and Urinary System.The Student will create a quiz of ten questions reviewing the three systems for another student to take also as another form of review for the test tomorrow.

Thursday: Test Day! The students will do their best to recall 70% of the information given in class and review on the test.The student will read a health magazine should they finish the test before others.

Friday: Notebook check day! Red or Black Day! We will be finishing up on the Respiratory System if not already done.

Week 6
Monday: The student will Label the heart labeling the chambers. continue in learning the blood flow to, through and away from the heart.

Tuesday: The student will review the blood flow . 

Wednesday: the students will
review for a quiz on the heart, blood flow and respiratory system with a card activity as a review

Thursday: The students will recall information regarding the cardio system on a quiz. 

Friday: Note book check day. Red and Black shirt day. Fun Friday. 

Week 6- continued (two week unit)
The students will be learning how the respiratory system by labeling its parts.  The students will engage in discussion of smoking and relation to the lungs and other related diseases. 
Test Thursday on the heart and lung unit

Week 7
Monday:  Eyes and ears will be covered on the internet using Kidshealth.org for a short video one each and a few activities to do and print off.

Tuesday:  Today we will cover the nose and mouth on Kidshealth.org for short videos and explanations discussed with teacher as a class.

Wednesday: Possible quiz on Ears Eyes Nose and Mouth. Skin and hair will be discussed along with a short video from Kidshealth.org.

Thursday: Today we will cover nails and hygiene with one short video and an activity to assist in the need for hygiene

Friday: Notebook check day! Today is Fun Friday. Wear Red and Black day

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