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April 23-27
This week we will continue reviewing for the SOL's.  We will work on paired passages, center work, and practice SOl tests.  Please log on to for practice as well.  SOL is next week,April 30th.
April  16-20
This week we will be reviewing for the SOL, on April 30.  We will be working on paired passages, center work and practice SOL's.  We will have a vocabulary test on Friday, on scrib/script words.

April 9-13
English SOL test is April 30.  Please have your student practice with selections from released tests from the DOE website. Choose 7th grade Reading Released TEsts.  These are a great way to review.  I would have them complete one selection a night from now until the actual test. 

Monday - Students will continue their study of folklore.  As before, students will take a summative assessment after reading each selection.  All selections are in the textbook. Ask your student to summarize what they read each day.  They should have a textbook at home as well.   On Tuesday and WEdnesday, students will be taking their SGA # 2.  This will not take the entire period so they will need independent novels to read after they finish.  At this time, I am not sure if I will begin a new vocabulary unit.  We will definitely do one next week.  
March 19-23
Students in 1st and 6th periods will continue with their root study of "graph." They have homework due Wednesday - pictures/sentences.  Their test will be Friday.  During the remainder of the week. students will begin a unit on Folklore.  We will begin with Orpheus.  Students will determine which study legends, myths, fairy tales and fables. Students will be reading selections from the textbook and they will have assessments on each one.
This week, periods 1 and 6 will test on Vocabulary root "jur" Thursday.    Their homework will be to write sentences with their words. Due Thursday.  Periods 2 and 5 will be introduced to "jur"  words.   We will continue our study of poetry, with special emphasis on determining the tone and annotating for main idea and mood.

March 5-9
On Monday, we will head to the computer lab to finish our research projects.  THey should be about 6-7 slides long, with 3 bullet points.  Don't forget the Works Cited page at the end.  Tuesday - Friday, we will be presenting some of the projects.  I may start a new vocabulary unit in periods 1/6.   Periods 2 and 5 will need to take their "cred" quiz on Friday.  We may loop back around and touch on  few more poetry concepts as well.

February 26-March 2
Monday - Students are introduced to a Research Project.  We will be in the computer lab all week.
Tuesday  - Friday  Students will be conducting research on historical events and then creating a research paper comparing and contrasting  the events.  Students are encouraged to cite sources properly with a works cited page.
PERIODS 2 and 5 will have a vocabulary quiz on CRED root on Wednesday.

February 19-23
Monday - Students will review Cred words for TEST on Tuesday. Students will analyze two poems for a grade.
Tuesday - Students will take a vocabulary TEST on cred words.  Students will read "Gentlemen of the Road" and take a quiz.
Wednesday - Students will be introduced to "The Highwayman" poem and will begin annotating for meaning and figurative language.
Thursday - Students will continue reading and annotating "The Highwayman."  
Friday - Students will take an assessment on "The Highwayman" and other terms for figurative language.

February 12-16
Monday - Students will take notes on poetry terms and they will check their assignments on Nonfiction reading.
Tuesday - Students will receive new vocabulary words "cred"  Students will be tested next Tuesday.  Students will draw pictures with these words.  Students will analyze the poem "Tutor" for figurative language.
Wednesday - STudents will be color coding a picture made with many examples of figurative language.
Thursday - Library? Continue with poetry - finish the handout from WEdnesday and move on with Sara Cynthia Stout by Shel Silverstein.  
Friday - students will take a quiz on poetry terms and will continue reading many poems.

February 5-9
Students in periods 1 and 6 will be testing on novel on Wednesday.  Their third set of vocabulary is due MOnday and they will test on this Friday.  All study guides for novels will be due WEdnesday.  Students can use novels and study guides on test.  For periods 2 and 5, students will continue reading their novels.  Students will be working on study guides, and explaining figurative language examples from the story.  We will continue to have  reading checks through the week.

January 29-February 2
Students in all classes will continue moving forward in their respective novels.  Students will have reading checks through the weeks, on which they may used their novels and study guides.  Periods 1 and 6 will also have vocabulary to define and the quiz will be on Thursday.  Some students struggled with first set last week; parents please encourage students to study the words used in context.  We will be introducing and reviewing figurative language as well.  No novel tests until next week.  Please ask your student to summarize the events of the novels to you each night.

January 22-26
Students will be starting a new novel.  Periods 1 and 6 will be reading non-fiction, while periods 2 and 5th will be reading fiction.  The books will NOT be coming home unless students are absent and need to catch up on reading.  Students will have different tasks from which to choose to complete on their reading.  STudents can expect reading checks every couple of days, and CAN use the book to complete these.  Contextual vocabulary will be given with each story, as well.  Students will define these and will be assessed on them in a week or so.  These should be in their binders if you want to encourage their studying the words.

January 16-19
Students will be starting a new novel.  Periods 1 and 6 will be reading non-fiction, while periods 2 and 5th will be reading fiction.  The books will NOT be coming home unless students are absent and need to catch up on reading.  Students will have different tasks from which to choose to complete on their reading.  STudents can expect reading checks every couple of days, and CAN use the book to complete these.  Contextual vocabulary will be given with each story, as well.  Students will define these and will be assessed on them in a week or so.  These should be in their binders if you want to encourage their studying the words.

January 4-5 and January 8-12
This Thursday and Friday, students will be on Google classroom completing reviews for the upcoming Benchmark on Tuesday/Wednesday (Jan 9/10).  Monday, January 8, students will review by playing Kahoot games with their devices.  Thursday, after the Benchmarks  are over, students will go to the library.  Friday we will work on some nonfiction articles.

December 4-8
This week in class, students will continue reading their novels and progressing through their study guides.  Periods 1 and 6 have additional assignments including literary terms, definitions, and projects to be working on that will be due Friday 15th. Students will be discussing all plot elements, as well as working on prediction and inference.  There will be unannounced reading checks periodically.  

November 27-December 1
Both classes will start new novels.  On Monday, students will be given a reading calendar with assignment due dates.  There will be reading checks every few days on the chapters.  Students will not be taking the novels home.  All reading will be done in class; however, some assignments can be worked on outside of the classroom.   There is a project list containing options that will be due December 14.  Expect a novel test by December 15.

November 20-21
This is a short week.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Monday, we will talk about a story "Duffy's Jacket"  WE will also work on analogies.  I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday. Gobble Gobble :)

November 13-17
Students will be composing an expository essay.  Where I'd Most Like to Visit or Who I'd Most Like to Meet.  Students will be working on topic sentences with supporting details in the middle paragraphs.  Transitions will be encouraged between paragraphs.  Students will be given a flow map on Monday on which they will put down their initial ideas/supporting facts.  As the week progresses, students will composed effective introductions and conclusions.  Students will be working in the computer labs all week.   They can also work on their documents at home through Google Classroom.  Feel free to help your child edit his or her essay. It will be due Friday at the end of class.  

November 7-10
Wednesday and Thursday - Students will rotate through stations on "Three Skeleton Key." Students will work on identifying elements of plot, point of view, foreshadowing, conflict, characterization and more.
Friday -  Students will be reading a short story and completing a study guide.

October 30-Nov. 3
All classes will read "Three Skeleton Key," in textbook.  They will complete a study guide with it.  Students will take vocabulary test on mis/mitt on Tuesday.  Students will go to computer lab on Thursday to complete a mini project that goes along with "Three Skeleton Key." Friday, students will take a quiz on the story.

October 23-27
Monday - Students will go over Girls and Charles.  Review the comprehension sheet.  Students will be introduced to  mit and mis words.  
Tuesday - Students will take notes on characterizaton and will complete a practice vocabulary activity.  Homework for vocabulary will be due Thursday. 
Wednesday/Thursday - STudents will read "Three Skeleton Key" and fill in double entry notes.
Friday - Students will take comprehension quiz on Three Skeleton Key. This may get pushed to the following week.
Wednesday - wear orange Anti Bullying day and it is also field trip day.  

October 16-19
Students will be viewing novel movies on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday will be Vocabulary Assessments and students will read "Charles."  Friday - Students will discuss "Charles" (plot/external text features) and will take an assessment on the story.

October 9-13
Students will receive notes on External Text Features and Point Of View this week.  Students will read Yeh Shen in the textbook and answer comprehension questions.  A quiz will be Friday.  Students will receive new "sect" words on Wednesday. Vocabulary homework will be due next Tuesday.  Each day students will practice with the new vocabulary. 

October 3-7
Students this week will have a vocabulary quiz on "ject" words on Wednesday.  Each day we will be composing our persuasive essay in the lab.  Students will be using Google docs; take a look at your student's writing.  Help them edit for grammar mistakes.  Ask them what their major three arguments are.  It is due by the end of class on Friday.

September 25-29
Monday - Students will complete a foldable on which they will be identifying the various elements of plot for the short story "Rikki Tikki Tavi."  Students will receive new vocabulary words for root "ject."
Tuesday - Students in 2nd and 5th periods will take a quiz on Rikki Tikki Tavi.  They have a study guide with which to study.  Students in 1st and 6th periods will read "A Mason Dixon Memory."
Wednesday - Students in 2nd and 5th periods will read "A Mason Dixion Memory." Other classes will discuss the story and take a very brief quiz on the story.
Thursday - Half the period we will be in the library.  2nd and 5th periods will take the quiz on "A Mason...." while the other classes will begin discussion on "Persuasive Writing."
Friday - All classes will read persuasive writing examples and will be given the prompts from which to choose  - for their essay they will be composing in class next week.

September 18-22
Monday - Students will review vocabulary for quiz on Tuesday.  Students will take novel tests.
Tuesday: Students will take vocabulary root quiz
Wednesday: Students will define vocabulary for "Rikki Tikki Tavi" story.  Students will take notes on Conflict and Elements of Fiction. These should stay in the reading secions of their binders.
Thursday/Friday: Students will be reading RTT and completing a study guide.  They will take a quiz on RTT on Friday in periods 1 and 6 and Monday for periods 2 and 5.

Classes 2nd/5th CORE
Students will continue reading their novels; we will hopefully finish these by next Tuesday.  Students will have one more reading check this week on these books.  Students will receive copy of Organizational Pattern notes on Monday and will practice identifying these throughout the year.  New vocabulary will be introduced either Tuesday or Wednesday.  Homework will be to use words in sentences DUE: Friday, September 15
Classes 1st/6th
Students will finish WHITE FANG and take a final assessment on Friday of this week or Monday of next.  Students may have one more unannounced reading check this week on the novel.  Students will receive new vocabulary words.  Homework due Friday will be to use words in sentences.

September 5-8
Advanced classes will continue reading their novel and working on their questions.  Expect reading checks during the week.  The reading skill for the week will be Organizational Patterns.  We will go through each and practice identifying them.  No vocabulary this week for Advanced classes.
CORE - Student will continue reading their novels. They will have a Reading Check maybe . Wednesday.  Students will receive "man" root words on Tuesday.  Homework will be due Thursday. Students will need to use five words and create a flyer, advertisement or short e paragraph.  I will tell them on Tuesday what the Author's Purpose should be (PIE)

August 28 - Students will finish SGA 1 . Students in 2nd and 5th periods will take a novel quiz on Google Forms. 1st and 6th will move on in their novels.
August 29 - Students in 2nd and 5th periods will review for "ped" vocabulary and spelling quizzes by playing Kahoot. Bring device if you have one.  Then students will read further in their novels. Students in 1st and 6th will receive new vocabulary words and will then read further in White Fang.
August 30 - 1st and 6th will complete a vocabulary practice activity and will then take a quiz in White Fang.  2nd and 5th periods will take their VOCABULARY and SPELLING tests on "ped" words.
August 31- Library Day - Students in 1st and 6th will review vocabulary briefly and will then go to the library.2nd and 5th will receive new vocabulary words on this day and then will go to the library.
September 1 -
1st and 6th periods will take SPELLING and VOCABULARY tests on "man" and then will read further in their novels.  2nd and 5th periods will read in their novels and complete a vocabulary practice activity.

August 21-25
Monday - Student finish the Practice Released Test 2011 
Tuesday - Students will continue reading novel/completing comprehension questions
Students will start the root "Ped" - viewing power point 
HOMEWORK - due Thursday - draw pictures with words
Wednesday - Students will complete vocabulary practice and will continue reading in their novels.
Thursday - Students will turn in vocabulary homework and will need device for vocabulary review.  Time for reading novel/comprehension work will be limited
Friday - QUIZ on vocabulary words/Students will read novels and complete writing assignment
DON'T FORGET that students will have regular reading checks for their novels. These won't always be announced in 1 and 6 periods.  2nd and 5th will quiz on Wednesday for chapters 1 and 2.  A thorough review will take place Tuesday.  Ask your student to tell you about the novel's main events and characters.


August 14-18
All classes will be given syllabus to be signed on Monday.  Tuesday, all classes head to the library for a quick review on library protocol and then students will take the Star reading test.  On Wednesday and Thursday, students will begin a novel unit.  On Friday, all classes will take the first portion of an SOL released test.  During the second half of Friday's class, students will finish the practice test and continue with their novels.  Students in 2nd and 5th periods will not be bringing their novels home.  Students in 1st and 6th periods will be bringing novels home in the event that reading does not get finished in class.  REMEMBER, now 7th graders have a built in Homework period at the end of the day.  This is the perfect time to get any reading assignment completed.  Students in all classes need to be prepare for regular "reading checks" (short comprehension quizzes) that will be unannounced some times. Please remind your student to join my google classroom.  They will write down the code on Monday.   All students will bring home a textbook that can remain at home all year. 

2017-2018 -FMS
Core/Advanced 7th Grade English
Welcome & Supplies
Welcome students, to the new school year.  I do hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer.  If you want to go ahead and buy school supplies:
1- 1 1/2 inch binder
paper (NOT college rule)
dividers (one pack)
colored pencils OR markers
flash drive (can use one from 6th grade)
ear buds
highlighters and red pens
HOME BASE students only - expo markers/pencils/tissues
optional - reward stickers :)

  • Below is my syllabus. Each student will receive a syllabus the first week of school.

  • Syllabus

    7th Grade Core and AdvancedLanguage Arts

                      Ms. Kimberly Cherry

    Welcome to the seventh grade!  On the following pages, you will find an overview of our year together,

    class procedures, and what you can do to prepare.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the school year.  You may contact me through email: or

    by school telephone: 525-6630.

    Course Curriculum

    As a seventh grader, you will

    • develop analytical and interpretive skills in literature

    • develop writing skills

    • develop listening and oral communication skills

    • develop reasoning skills

    All students are required to read and achieve an appropriate amount of AR points per quarter.  This is a summative test grade.  A list of book titles that we may use in instruction appears on the FMS website.  If a parent objects to a particular book there is an opt-out form available on the website.

    Grading Policies

    A – 90 – 100

    B – 80 – 89.99

    C – 70 – 79.99

    D – 60 – 69.99

    F  – Below 59.99

    Assignments are  weighted as formative, 40%, or summative, 60%.  Daily work, homework, and

    some quizzes will fall in the formative category.  The summative category will have quizzes, tests, essays,

    and projects.  

    Ms. Cherry’s Supply List

    1 - ½ inch notebook, paper, dividers, colored pencils or markers, red pens, highlighters

    Home base students only - expo markers, colored pencils, tissues, and optional - reward stickers

    Daily Warm-ups

    An assignment posted for students at the beginning of every class period.  Students will be expected to come to class with all materials, get ready, and begin the warm-up promptly.  Students will be periodically graded

    on their warm-ups, without notice, so they should do their best on every assignment.

    Students should have an independent reading book at all times.  The warm-up may be independent reading.

    Homework and AR Reading Assignment

    Homework will be assigned throughout the week.  When students do not have a written assignment, they

    are expected to read for a minimum of thirty minutes each night including weekends.

    Reading is assessed through students reading and achieving a set number of AR points each quarter.  CORE/Regular classes are required to achieve 10 AR points each quarter.

    Advanced classes are required to achieve 20 AR points each quarter.

    This AR assignment counts as a summative test grade and may make the difference in a letter grade or two if not achieved.

    Assignment Completion

    Students are expected to complete and turn in all work. When they do not complete work by the given deadline, they may be required to do so at another time during or outside the school day. Parents will be notified when work completion becomes a problem, and the teacher will make multiple attempts to have students complete the assignment(s). Work not completed within the given time period may be assessed a penalty after the teacher determines the cause of a student’s failure to complete assigned work. If the student’s failure to turn in work is justified, the student’s work may be turned in late with an appropriate grade assigned. Partially completed work or work not turned in at all will be graded according to the quantity and quality of work completed; this may include a grade of “zero” if it is not turned in within a reasonable time frame.

    Internet Posting of Assignments and Make-up Work

    All lesson plans, assignments, tests, projects, and essays will be announced in class and posted on my Google Classroom page; however, I do not post tests and quizzes.   Pop quizzes may be given without notice.  Students should check the Google Classroom website when they are absent so they are prepared on their return and do not fall behind in their assignments.  Assignments may be downloaded and printed to complete or they may be turned in electronically; they can be sent directly through Google Classroom to my email.

    In addition, a While You Were Out notebook is located in the classroom. After an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to access it for his/her assignments.  

    Students are responsible for work assigned when absent.  

    Classroom Rules and Procedures

    1. Be prepared for class with all materials, assignments, and an attentive attitude before the bell rings.

    2. Show respect for yourself and others.

    3. Follow directions the first time they are given.

    4. Be appropriate with your words and actions at all times.

    Consequences (These are not in order, consequences are based on the offense.)

    1. Call out.  Three times results in a Silent Lunch, After School Detention, or Office Referral – per 7th

    grade policy.

    1. Isolation from class (if appropriate).

    2. Call home.

    Please complete the section below, cut off, and return to Mrs. Hubbard


    I have reviewed and understand each section of Ms. Cherry’s syllabus.

    Student Name (print): ______________________________________   

    Student Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ____________

    Parent Signature: _____________________________________ Date: ____________            updated: 7/28/17

    After the second week of school or so -
    Through Google Chrome:
    log into   
    There I have posted my weekly lesson plans, power points, and worksheets.  Please access it for more detailed information regarding each unit. 
    Each of your children have logged into my classroom and are able to view and print all information available.  I do not post my tests and quizzes. 
    Through this website parents and students are able to see what we are doing and when we are doing it, thus enabling students to return from an absence current with the classroom activities. 


    April 24-28
    This week on Monday and Tuesday we will continue to review for our SOL tests which will be THIS WEDNESDAY.  :) The students have a skills list to study from and they can log onto DOE for Virginia and go to SOL released test for 7th grade, for some practice.  Thursday and Friday will be reading a short story "The Amigo Brothers."

    April 3-7
    This week in 7th grade English class, students will continue their study of "mal" root words.  Their test will be Thursday.  We will practice using the words each day. Please have your child practice spelling them each evening.  Students will continue their Folklore Unit.  This week they will read legends and fables from the textbooks.  Comprehension quizzes will follow each story. This week is the Buy One, Get one Free book fair.  We will go Monday to preview and then will return Wednesday to purchase.  Sol's are one week after spring break.  Please visit the DOE website and have your child do practice sol tests that have been released.


    March 20-24
    All classes will receive root words Ben/Bon.  Students will need to write words in sentences or draw pictures with them; this homework is due Thursday.  The test will be Friday on spelling and definitions.  Each day we will practice the words.  We will read "Orpheus" and "Flight of Icarus" out of our textbooks.  With each, we will talk about themes and those elements common to Greek myths.  WE will have a quiz after reading both selections.  You can review the major plot events with your child.  They should have the book at home. :)
    February 20-24
    All classes will begin a poetry unit.  Students will read poetry daily, while identifying and explaining figurative language devices.  Annotations will be introduced and students will begin to annotate parts of the poems.  Students will also be presenting their research slide shows to the class.  Ask them to share these with you; they are on their google drives.

    February 13-17
    All classes will be in the computer lab this week.  Students will be working on research slide shows.  Each day students will have a different objective.  Students are encouraged to include a works cited page at the end.  


    February 7-10
    All classes will continue reading their novels in class.  1st and 2nd periods will have vocabulary quiz on Wednesday on the second set.  5th and 6th periods will quiz on Wednesday for vocabulary.  5th and 6th periods will have final novel test Friday, along with set 3 vocabulary.  All classes may have an introduction to Research project towards the end of the week.

    January 30-Feb. 3
    1st and 2nd will continue reading novels.  They will quiz on chapters 1-6 on Wednesday and have vocabulary matching quiz on Friday.  Periods 5 and 6 will continue with their non fiction novel. They will take a vocabulary and comprehension quiz on Thursday. Don't forget parent teacher conferences next Feb. 6. No school

    January 23-27
    1st/2nd Periods - Beginning a new novel study in class.  Student will be given higher level comprehension questions along with enriching activities.  Students will be quizzed on their reading every few days.  Ask students to share summary of the day's reading with you each evening.
    5th/6th -  Beginning a new non fiction novel study in class.  Students will be reading independently each day and completing enriching activities that go along with the story.  Ask your child to share a summary of the day's reading with you.  Ask them who the protagonists and antagonists are. Ask them what the conflicts are.  Students will be quizzed every couple of days.

    January 16-20
    Off Monday and then follow same plan as last week as we have missed many instructional days. Quizzes on Wed (King Arthur) and then Friday on vocabulary from stories and Nonfiction piece (He's No King)

    January 9-13

    This week, my students will read King Arthur's Sword and the Stone.  Students will be responsible for in context vocabulary handout.  Students will complete a study guide that accompanies the story, with both basic comprehension questions and higher level thinking questions.  There will be an assessment on the story at the end of the week.  As always, please ask your child to share the plot with you, including, major characters, characteristic traits, conflicts, climax and resolution.  Finally, students will be reading a nonfiction selection associated with the story.  They will have a quiz on this at the end of the week.

    Happy New Year!! Officially done with half the school year. :)
    January 2-6
    This week in ALL classes, we will be reviewing on Monday and Tuesday for our midterm on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  We will play Jeopardy, Eight Ball and Kahoot to review all vocabulary as well as literature story elements.  Please bring your devices if you have them.  

    December 12-16
    All classes will finish their novels and test on Wednesday and Thursday.  Study guides and all work for novels should be turned in by end of day Thursday. Do not forget to get AR points completed by end of day on Friday. We are officially halfway done with 7th grade. Yay! Enjoy a super break and wonderful Christmas and New Year's.

    Dec. 5-9
    All classes continue with their novels. Quizzes will cover reading each day.  No regular vocabulary quizzes on Friday.

    November 28-Dec 2
    Students will begin their in class novel.  Students will have comprehension questions and vocabulary that goes with each chapter. We will not be doing root vocabulary until after the new year.  Students can expect a quiz after 2 or 3 chapters.  Students will have independent assignments that focus on point of view, figurative language and plot elements.  


    Students will turn in vocabulary homework sentences on Monday. Tuesday students will test on scribe/script words. Students will discuss story "Girls" from last week and will read "Charles" Students will quiz on both stories on Wednesday.  Thursday, students will read "Mother Daughter"  Literary focus will continue on characterization, plot elements, conflict 

    November 9-11
    Wednesday-Friday - Students will receive new vocabulary words "Script" being root.  Homework will be to create sentences using words. Make sure context clues are used to show the meaning of the words.  Vocab. homework due Friday.  Students will take notes on characterization (indirect/direct) static /dynamic .  Students will read "Girls" from textbook.  We will discuss character traits with the characters.  Quiz on story Thursday or Friday.  Vocabulary quizzes will be next Tuesday, November 15.  Students will participate in character stations on Friday, Nov. 11.

    October 31-November 4
    All classes will be composing an expository essay due Friday, November 4.  Students will share with me through Google Docs on Friday, their final essay.  Their topics on which to write were 1. Who would I most like to meet, or 2. Where would I most like to visit.  Students have created Circle and Tree maps in order to brainstorm ideas.  Ask your child to tell you about their middle paragraphs and the supporting details they are using.  :)  
    No Vocabulary this week! Out of school next Monday and Tuesday.

    October 17-21
    Students will receive new vocabulary words - "graph"  Students will have vocabulary homework due Thursday.  Spelling and Vocabulary Assessments will be Friday.  For 1st and 2nd periods, students will read YehShen Monday and discuss it Tuesday.  A quiz on the story on Wednesday.  With this story, students will focus on Point of View.  Thursday and Friday all students will be reviewing vocabulary, taking assessments and reading "Three Skeleton Key," in the textbook.  5th and 6th periods may be ahead, which would mean they take their story quiz on Wednesday.  With "Three..." story, students will focus on elements of fiction, including foreshadowing, suspense and conflict.

    October 10-13 (out of school on Friday)
    Monday - Students are quizzing on Mason Dixon Memory in 1st and 2nd period classes.  All classes will receive new root words - port. No vocabulary homework this week and the quiz for vocabulary only (no spelling) is Thursday.  1st and 2nd period classes are watching Sounder at the end of the week and 5th and 6th period classes will watch WhiteFang.  
    Please sign your child's permission slip for these Disney movies.  Students in both classes will begin the study of Point of View, while reading Yeh Shen (Chinese version of Cinderella)
    This is the final week of the 1st 9 weeks!! Make sure AR points are completed - 1st and 2nd period students need 10 points and 5th and 6th period students need 20.  This is a grade. (This was on the syllabus signed by students and parents at beginning of school year)

    October 3-7
    Last week students completed their persuasive essays.  This week we will begin with new root "mis/mit"  Homework due Thursday and regular spelling and vocabulary assessments on Friday.
    We will discuss external text features and read "A Mason Dixon Memory" from the textbook.  A comprehension quiz will probably be Thursday.  I always discuss the material on the quiz prior to students taking it.  There is really no studying required :)  

    September 19-23
    All classes will receive "sect" root words, with vocabulary due Thursday, as usual.  Expect Vocab and Spelling Assessments on Friday.
    Periods 1 and 2 - will read Rikki Tikki Tavi from the textbook. Expect an assessment on 
    Thursday.  Students will answer questions on comprehension as we read in class.  Ask your students to share plot events with you from the story.
    Periods 5 and 6 - Monday - Students will take a final assessment on 
    WhiteFang .  Tuesday and Wednesday students will read several examples of Persuasive Essays.  
    All classes will go to library Thursday and then we will go to the computer lab and begin working on our own persuasive essay.  This unit will continue into the following week.

    September 12-16
    This week in all classes, students will be introduced to "ject" root words.  As usual, vocabulary homework is due Thursday.  Spelling/Vocab tests on Friday.
    1/2 periods - Students continue reading Sounder; students will probably complete novel this week. Plan for Sounder Unit Test next week.  Students may begin reading short story "Rikki Tikki Tavi" from Text book, with special study focus on elements of fiction (Plot, characters)
    5/6 periods - Students will continue reading WHITEFANG, hopefully finishing novel this week. Quiz on Monday (12th) on reading from over weekend.  Students will read and discuss "RTT" from last week if not finished. Expect a summative quiz on RTT midweek. 
    September 6-9
    Tuesday: "Spec" vocabulary words introduction, Review Organizational Patterns, Read novels and discuss for comprehension
    Wednesday: Vocabulary Review, Introduction to Plot Power Point, Read "Rikki Tikki Tavi" in Textbook
    Thursday: Library and continue "Rikki Tikki Tavi"
    Friday: Spelling and 
    Vocabulary quizzes, maybe quiz on short story 

    August 29-September 2
    Monday - Students are introduced to "man" vocabulary. Homework due Thursday, Create advertisement using 6 vocabulary words.  Purpose can be persuade, entertain, inform. Students will continue reading in their novel, with reading checks periodically.  
    Tuesday - Vocabulary review. Students will read their novels.  Students will view power point on Organizational Patterns and fill  in note page.
    Wednesday - Students will review vocabulary, read in their novels and begin independent practice identifying organizational patterns.
    Thursday - Vocabulary homework is collected.  Quiz on novel chapters read so far this week. Students continue with their study of Organizational patterns..
    Friday - Assessments on 
    Vocabulary and spelling for "man" root words.


    August 22-26
    Monday Students will complete the SGA
    Tuesday - Students will be introduced to Vocabulary with root word ped. Homework will be to draw pictures with each of the words. Homework due: Thursday
    Wednesday- Vocabulary Entry Task, Power Point on PIE, persuade, inform and entertain.  Students will continue reading in their novels and answering comprehension questions.  Reading checks will be unannounced.
    Thursday - Vocabulary is due.  Students will continue their study of Author's purpose as well as continue reading their novels.
    Friday - Vocabulary and Spelling Quizzes on "ped"

    Welcome! I am looking forward to starting the school year with you.  The following are school supplies needed:
    3 ring binder/paper
    colored pencils/and or pens
    scissors/red checking pens
    #2 pencils/ear buds/flash drive
    tissues/anti-bacterial wipes

! 2016
April 25-29
Students will be starting a new novel study this week.  Students will begin looking at concepts/skills taught in 8th grade.  Students will annotate chapters from novel, analyzing deeper meanings of the story.  Themes will be explored on a variety of levels. Vocabulary will accompany the novels.  Students will be making connections to the novels, with their vocabulary.  Students can expect unannounced  reading checks to ensure students are reading and comprehending the plot.  All work will be completed in class as a result of SOL's. 


April 4-8
All classes will receive vocabulary words on Monday and will test on those words Friday, the 8th.  Students will draw pictures with vocabulary words due Thursday.  Students will work with irony this week and will identify and explain the irony in O'Henry's stories "Hearts and Hands" and "After Twenty Years."  Students will have a quiz on these stories after a thorough discussion on the plot and irony takes place.

March 21-25
This week all classes continue their unit on Folklore.  All classes will receive new vocabulary on Monday and will test on Friday.  Students will also be assessed on Folklore, including myths, legends, fables and folktales on Friday.  All folklore has been read and discussed in class.  Students have a tree map containing notes they can study.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, students will be taking their SGA #2 for half of the class period.

March 7-11
All classes will spend the first part of the week finishing up poetry.  Periods 1 and 2 will take a final poetry assessment on Wednesday.  On Thursday, all classes will begin a unit on Folklore, Mythology,etc.  The end of the 9 weeks is Friday.

February 22-26
All classes will be in the computer lab this week completing their power point presentations.  Students are researching and creating a slideshow.  The end of the presentation should include a Works Cited page. The students have a handout that has specific instructions for the entire project.  Classes 5th and 6th period will also be finishing Emmett Till novel and the study guide.  There will be a final assessment on the novel at the end of the week.
February 15-19
All classes will be in the computer lab this week, working on their research power points.  Talk with your child about their topic and the arguments they are using.  Encourage them not to copy and paste and to always record the websites on the Works Cited page.  Advanced classes will also be reading Emmett Till and having reading comprehension quizzes every couple of chapters.

February 8-12
Periods 1 and 2 - Students will finish reading the novel WOODSONG.  They will be completing the study guides in class for each chapter.  Formative assessments on comprehension will be given after a thorough discussion of plot events.
Periods 5 and 6 - Students will continue their unit study on poetry, with an in depth look at annotation with figurative language.  We did not take the summative assessment on Poetry terms last week; we plan to take this on Friday, Feb. 12.

February 1-5
1st/2nd period:
Students will begin reading Part 2 of WOODSONG.  Monday students will take a quiz on chapters 7/8. Friday students will take a vocabulary matching quiz on words from chapters 5-8.  We will be reading the novel in class.  As always, students will be tested on the comprehension of every two chapters.  A thorough review/discussion of each chapter takes place prior to quiz.  No homework other than to study for the quizzes using the study guide containing questions and vocabulary.

Periods 5/6 - Please have Charlotte Doyle read and study guide completed by Tuesday, February 2.  Final Assessment on TUESDAY.  This week our unit on poetry continues with the students annotating for meaning through explanation of figurative language devices.  A short assessment on poetry terms will be Wednesday.

January 25-29
1st/2nd periods: Students can be reading ahead in their novels WOODSONG.  Ask students to talk with you about the book. 
5th/6th periods:
 Students can read ahead in CHARLOTTE DOYLE.  Ask them to share events in the story with you.  This will be a good review.  Students can also review their vocabulary sheet for Poetry.

January 19-22
Periods 1 and 2: Students will continue reading WOODSONG, answering comprehension and higher level thinking questions, and will take quizzes every two chapters.  A thorough discussion takes place prior to each quiz.  A VOCAB ASSESSMENT will be Thursday.  Students have WOODSONG study guide in notebooks.  Ask your student to tell you about the book :)This is a good way to interact with your student and show him or her you support academics and his or her effort!!
Periods 5 and 6: Students will continue working on Poetry, with thorough discussion on poem meanings and figurative language.  In addition, students will annotate each poem for various items.  Finally, students will continue reading CHARLOTTE DOYLE.  Tuesday they have a quiz on chapters 9-12, as well as an assessment on the first half of the book.  Students are encouraged to talk about the book with you.  Ask them to make predictions.

January 11-15
Monday and Tuesday: All students will be completing the Benchmark.  Each day students will read and answer questions on two previous SOL selections.  5th and 6th periods will be expected to read CHARLOTTE DOYLE after the benchmark each day.  5th and 6th periods will have reading checks after two to three chapters - much like with Taming Clancy.
Wednesday - 5th and 6th will begin a poetry unit in addition to reading Charlotte Doyle.  1st and 2nd will begin a novel WOODSONG.  Students will have a study guide to complete with WOODSONG that consists of comprehension questions/vocabulary and a quiz after every two chapers. :)

January 4-8
All classes will be reviewing reading skills, concepts and vocabulary in preparation for Benchmark Testing next week on Monday and Tuesday.  Students will be presented Power Points with review information and will then complete reading passages with SOL style comprehension questions.  The reading passages/questions WILL BE GRADED, so encourage your students to read the passage carefully before answering.  Tiered instruction will take place, with enrichment opportunities.  As of right now, there will not be a vocabulary unit this week.  Should this change, I will update this webpage on Monday (4th)

Wow. We are nearing the end of the first semester of 7th grade. So very proud of all of my students.  I sure hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas break.

December 14-December 18
1st/2nd periods - Students will complete the reading of the novel TANGERINE.  Students will take a final quiz on the novel; we will review thoroughly prior to taking the assessment.  NO HOMEWORK this week.
5th/6th periods - Students will complete reading novel TAMING CLANCY.  STudents will take reading check quizzes.  Students have figurative language and vocabulary sheets due by Friday.  Students have final projects due Friday. (On half sheet)  Finally, there are reading skills assignments due throughout the week.  Students have calendars with all of the requirements and dates!

1st and 2nd periods - Students continue reading Tangerine.  Students will answer comprehensions questions and will have a vocabulary QUIZ FRIDAY, December 11. 
5th and 6th periods - Students will continue reading Taming Clancy.  Students will complete reading skills activities and take reading check assessments throughout the week.

November 30-December 4
1st/2nd periods: Each day students will review Text Structures at the start of class.  Students have notes and practice paragraphs in their reading sections.  
Students will be reading the novel TANGERINE.  Each day students will discuss the plot, setting, characters and how each adds to the story.  Students will receive a homework sheet on Wednesday with vocabulary activities from the novel. They can be working on this sheet Wed/Thursday evenings.  It's due Friday.  (There will be no root vocabulary for next three weeks.  Rather, quizzes and tests will be on the novel and novel vocabulary.  BUT, no tests this week!)
5th/6th periods - Students will be reading novel TAMING CLANCY.  Students will have vocabulary and figurative language activities they work on throughout the next three weeks.  In addition, they will have pop quizzes on their reading (much like with WHITE FANG)  Students will have a calendar in their binders with due dates for reading as well as literary work with the various chapters) NO regular root vocabulary for next three weeks. Rather, assessments will be focused on the novel (comprehension quizzes)  If a vocabulary quiz is assigned, it will be next week.

November 16-20
All classes will receive new words "Jur" "Jus" root
TEST - Friday, Nov. 20 on spelling and vocabulary definitions
In class, students will continue discussing characterization(Dynamic/Static)protagonist/antagonist.  Students will be reading selections from the Literature Textbook.  There will be assessments on each story.  A full review will be conducted prior to each assessment.

November 2-November 6
Monday - All students/teacher discuss homophones/meanings. Students will view Power Point introducing a writing assignment that will be completed in Google Docs/classroom. 
1st/2nd period students begin a new novel.  
Tuesday - No school for students.  Teachers have parent/teacher conferences 12-7.
Wednesday - Friday - Students will be in computer labs composing essays.  1st and 2nd period students will read portion of novel each day as well.

October 26-30
5th and 6th period students have their summative assignment (personal learning choice on Three Skeleton Key) due Monday, October 26.
LIBRARY - Thursday this week.
All students will receive new words this week "scrib/script" root.  Students will write sentences with these words due THURSDAY.  A regular spelling and vocabulary assessment on these words will be Friday.  We will read selections from our Textbook this week including "Girls" and "Charles." Students will discuss characterization with both stories. There will be a short assessment probably Wednesday, covering both stories.  Teacher will review important skills/concepts covered on test.  

And the second nine weeks begins.... 
October 19-23
This week in all classes, students will receive new root "graph" and will be assessed on spelling and definitions on FRIDAY.  Homework will be due Thursday.  Students will choose one "graph" word and will illustrate it on paper, write the definition, synonym, part of speech. An example will be shown to students in class.  Students in all classes will read "Three Skeleton Key," in our text book.  Reading will be completed in class.  A final assessment on story will be Thursday.  A thorough review will be conducted prior to the test on the story.  Students will have a study guide with questions they can look over Wednesday evening.  Skills focus this week include conflict, characterization and organizational patterns.

End of 9 weeks Thursday, Oct. 15
October 12-15 (NO SCHOOL FRIDAY -)
All classes will receive new words with root "Port" and will have spelling/definition test on Thursday.  1st/2nd periods - no homework with vocabulary this week.
5th/6th - Vocabulary homework due Thursday(your choice - sentences/pictures or combination)
We will read "Fish Cheeks"and "A Good Reason to Look Up," both narrative essays.  Students will discuss author's bias with both essays.  These will be read and discussed in class.  

October 5-9
Students will be reading "Mason-Dixon Memory" in text book and will take in class assessment on this story.  Students will be reviewing Organizational Patterns throughout the week. Vocabulary will include mis/mit root this week.  Spelling/Vocab. assessments on Friday, Oct. 9.  vocabulary homework is to create a flyer using 6 words in sentences.  In addition, students use External Text features on the flyer  Students will have time in class to work on this.

September 28-October 2

Can I get a ray of sun??? Geeeezz! :)
Classes going to the library on Thursday.
ALL CLASSES will receive new root words "sect" and will take spelling/definition tests on Friday.
1st/2nd Periods - This week in class students will finish the novel SOUNDER.  They will take an assessment on the book on Wednesday.  They should review their study guides Monday and Tuesday evenings to prepare.  Students can use both study guide and book on the test.  Students will review text features/organizational patterns while reading selections from the English textbook.
5th/6th Periods - Students will finish WHITE FANG activities and will take a FINAL ASSESSMENT on WEDNESDAY. Students will review text features/organizational patterns while reading selections from English textbook.  

September 21-25
All classes will be composing persuasive essays using their Bedford County Google account.  We will be focusing on the structure of an essay with special focus on the thesis statement, focused paragraphs with strong arguments and many supporting details.  Talk with your student about the topic he or she chose and the arguments they are using.  Feel free to look at their essays from home; they can log in from anywhere. 
Students will receive "ject" root words Monday and will need to find images on line that reflect the meaning of six of the words.  Students need to create a Google Doc titled "Ject" words(they know how) and copy/paste images that reflect the word they've typed. This is due Thursday.  Friday there will be a Vocabulary/Spelling Assessment on "Ject" words.  
BOOK FAIR - Nov. 2-12
REFLECTIONS information will be discussed with students this week, including the theme as well as the different categories in which students can enter.


September 14-18
All classes - NO VOCABULARY TEST/SPELLING this week :) We will finish reading Rikki Tikki Tavi. 5th and 6th will take quiz Monday on reading.  1st and 2nd periods will take quiz on the story on Tuesday. Study all material on Study Guide in Reading Section of Binder. 
All classes - Students will continue reviewing organizational patterns.  Students will discuss elements of fiction in regards to Rikki Tikki Tavi.  On Tuesday and Wednesday students are taking a Pretest (released SOL)  On Wednesday-Friday - Students will begin a Writing Assessment - Persuasive Writing. They will complete this using their Google Account.  It feels wonderful outside this week.  Get out and enjoy the weather.

September 8 - 11
Students will receive "spec" root words and will be TESTED on Friday (spelling and definitions) Vocabulary homework due Thursday (pictures).  All students will continue studying organization patterns and the key words used to identify them.  Students will continue reading their novels (5th/6th period will a chapter a night)and can expect assessments (daily) on the comprehension of chapters. Let's have a great week!

August 31-September 4
Students in all classes will continue reading their class novels. Students can expect short quizzes daily -  assessing comprehension of the book .Students will be introduced to Organizational Patterns and will practice daily identifying these in passages.  FINALLY - students received new vocabulary - root - man.  Students will be tested on Friday, September 4 on the definitions and spellings of these words.  All tests will be similar to the assessment students took last week.  Assignments came on in Tuesday folders of this week.  Enjoy your upcoming three day weekend!

August 24-28
Monday - Students will receive "ped" vocabulary words. Students must draw pictures with all vocabulary words; this is due Thursday.  A test on definitions and spelling will be Friday.  Students will continue reading in assigned novel.
Advanced (reads a chapter a night from assigned novel for homework )
Tuesday- Students will complete the Student Growth Assessment (SGA1) in the computer lab.
Wednesday - Students will review vocabulary and will continue reading in assigned novels while annotating for elements of fiction. Advanced - Quiz on WhiteFang reading thus far.
Thursday - Vocabulary homework is due today. We will review vocabulary and will continue reading in assigned novel.Students need to study vocabulary words -both definition and spelling for test on Friday, (28th)

Supplies for my class:
1 or 2 inch 3-ring binder with loose leaf paper
4 dividers
markers or colored pencils
1 dry erase marker

7th grade Regular and Advanced English
April 13-17
Monday - Welcome Back! Hope Spring Break was restful.  We will be visiting the Book Fair.  We will discuss irony and read "Hearts and Hands" Students will answers comprehension questions.  Students will receive review vocabulary.Quiz on Friday
Tuesday/Wednesday - Students will discuss testing strategies as they prepare for upcoming SOL's.  Students will complete practice SOL test from prior year.  
Thursday - Students will go over the test they took Tuesday/Wednesday discussing any skills that are a concern.  Student will also review port/miss/mitt vocabulary words.  Students will read "After Twenty Year" and discuss the irony
Friday - Students will take an assessment on story from yesterday and a quiz on vocabulary.  Students will create a timeline placing the important plot events in appropriate spots.

7th grade Regular and Advanced English
March 23-27
Monday: Reg. Milkweed novel and Adv. Getting Away with Murder: The Emmitt Till Case novel.  Each day students will read and answer comprehension questions along with completing enrichment activities that focus on skills need for SOL's.  Pop quizzes on reading material will be given on random days.  Adv. has vocabulary definitions due Friday. (no quiz though)  Students are not reading novels at home; only in class.  STudents are expected to read about 20 minutes a night - a novel of their choice.
Quiz - Tuesday on words in Advanced classes  New vocabulary definitions due Friday, March 27

March 9-13
Monday - Advance/Regular - Students will review Legend "Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady" and will take an assessment on it.  Students will then begin a "Merlin and the Dragons" in the textbook.
Tuesday - Students will finish reading "Merlin and the Dragons" and will discuss story within the story.  Students will have a study guide that accompanies the story.  Any students still needing to present power points will do so.
Wednesday - Students will discuss and review "Merlin and the Dragons" and will take an assessment.  Students will review for Quarterly Assessment to be taken next two days.
Thursday/Friday - Students will take Quarterly assessment 3 as well as complete student climate survey for Bedford County.
February 16-20
Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday - Students will receive new voacabulary.  Homework due Thursday.  Students will be presenting their Power Points on Persuasive topics of their choice.  
Thursday - Vocabulary due.  Students will read "Sir Gawin and the Lovely Ladies"
Friday - Quiz on Sir Gawin... and Vocabulary 

FMS  7
th Regular and Advance English
February 9-13  - In both Advanced and Regular 7th grade English classes, students will be working on Google Docs with their laptops.  Students will be designing persuasive power points on a topic of their choice.  Students will be encouraged to use various propaganda techniques that have been discussed.  Students will present their power points on Friday.  ALSO - students will have vocabulary quiz on Friday.  It's been a while since we have had vocabulary.
Monday February 2-Friday February 6
Monday - Students will view power point on Icarus, complete LTF lesson on 3 Levels of Reading and will take quizzes on "King Midas" and "Flight of Icarus."
Tuesday - Students will finish completing any assignments that were not finished on Monday.  Students will receive papers for Tuesday folders and each student will be given interim.
Wednesday - Students will be participating in multiple centers that reinforce fables, myths and folklore in general.
Thursday and Friday - Students will begin Persuasive Writing Unit with propaganda. Students will be using laptops to do research on topic of their choice.  After completing research, students will create power points to be presented.

Monday, January 19, OUT f
or MLK holiday
Tuesday, January 20 - Students will identify figurative language and will complete final listening center poems - analyzing theme
Wednesday, January 21 - Students will complete "Sisters" poem and will begin working with The Sea poem.
Thursday, January 22 - Students will analyze "Lap the Miles" poem while looking at Power Point
Friday, January 23 - TEST - Contextual Vocabulary (two sheets)
Monday January 12 - Student review Poetry vocabulary as well as contextual vocabulary. Students read and annotate "The Highwayman." Students also answer higher level Blooms comprehension questions.
Tuesday January 13 - Student Review both sets of vocabulary. Students view Power Point on "The Highwayman" with focus on metaphors from the poem.  Students will independently complete handout focusing on analysis of structure of the poem.  Students will view video of "The Highwayman."  Students will annotate for various literary elements using different colors.
Wednesday January 14 - Quiz today or Thursday on Literary elements (NOT contextual vocabulary) I will let you know MOnday morning for sure which day your assessment will be.  If no quiz, Centers with focus on poetry.
Thursday January 15 - Same as Wednesday - either Quiz or Centers
Friday January 16 -  Sisters poem with comprehension questions.  Paired passage practice.

7th Grade Language Arts
Happy New Year!

Monday January 5 - Poetry introduction with vocabulary power point
Tuesday, January 6 - Students annotate Sarah Cynthia Sara Stout
Wednesday - Poetry centers will include stations that require students to identify and analyze figurative language examples, create haiku poetry, and review organizational patterns.  
Thursday, January 8 - Students will complete assignments for Sarah Cynthia... and will go to library.
Friday, January 9 - Students will take an assessment on the contextual vocabulary from Sarah Cynthia poem as well as general comprehension questions.  Finally, students will read non-fiction selection "Gentlemen of the Road," as an introduction to "The Highwayman."

7th Grade Language Arts (Regular)

December 1-December 5



Monday, December 1


Display Woodsong cover on document camera and have students make predictions about novel. Commas/Rule (interrupters) Student copy and write sentences for independent practice.

Classroom Objectives / SOLs / Activities


7.1 SWBAT participate in conversations.

7.5 SWBAT read and demonstrate comprehension of non- fiction. (7.5e Make, confirm and revise predictions)


  1. Discuss: What are the benefits of a “novel study”? If you are going to be mandated to read a book, why might it help for your peers to be reading the same book? Does everyone have to like the book to get something out of reading it? Use this discussion to lead into a brief introduction of the three weeks ahead—students will be reading Woodsong.
  2. Introduce Woodsong as a novel published by Gary Paulsen, who also wrote Hatchet and Lawnboy.Build upon predictions students made from looking at front cover of novel – explaining that this book describes real life events the author has experienced. Show short video clip (You tube – Search “Gary Paulson’s Woodsong novel.” Show the very first one; about 2 minutes.)
  3. Distribute Woodsong calendars and instruct students to read the front side only.Answer questions students have.
  4. Distribute Woodsong homework assignment page.Ensure students understand time table of assignments: they choose one option from the first row and have completed by Friday, December 5 and so on.
  5. Distribute Woodsong novels to all students and give them a few minutes to read the back and skim through the novel.

D—As a class, read Chapter 1 together. Teacher reads some and calls on students to read some as well—stop when appropriate to discuss/clarify/predict.

A—Think-Pair-Share:With a special focus on the scene in which the doe is attacked, talk with an elbow partner about how you would have reacted if you had witnessed this.

*Independent Reading


7.5 SWBAT read and demonstrate comprehension of non-fiction.

B—Explain instructions for “Connections Choice Day”. Students may work on one of the following:

  • Read Woodsong
  • Work on a Woodsong reading assignment.

D—Students work on one of the three choices. During this time, teacher checks in with students who are behind on work or who have missing work.

A—Do you have any questions about the Woodsong unit?




Answer Chapter 1 comprehension questions and define vocabulary (using a dictionary) for both chapters 1 and 2 by Tuesday




Tuesday, December 2


Take out:Woodsong novel; Tuesday folders /Commas/rule interrupters/ Copy sentences for independent practice.

Classroom Objectives / SOLs / Activities


*Pass back Tuesday Folder papers – discuss vocabulary definitions with students


7.1 SWBAT participate in conversations.

7.5 SWBAT read and demonstrate comprehension of non-fiction.


  1. Discuss Chapter 1comprehension questions with students.
  2. Discuss vocabulary definitions
  3. Discuss: Why is it important to clearly understand the exposition of a novel? (so you can use this info to make sense of what happens in the novel—if you don’t know who’s who, then the rest may become very confusing).

D— Together, students and teacher will “organize” (on the whiteboard )the exposition of the novel. Exposition will be reviewed: the introduction in a novel including characters, characters’ connections, setting, initiating event and any other “introductory” info. Words, images, or graphics may be used. Depending on time, students can copy this into their INB’s.

A— Students will share vocabulary in context from chapter 2.


7.5 SWBAT read and demonstrate comprehension of non-fiction.

B—Explain instructions for “Connections Choice Day”. Students may work on one of the following:

  • Read Woodsong
  • Work on a Woodsong reading assignment.

D—Students work on one of the three choices. During this time, teacher checks in with students who are behind on work or who have missing work.

A—Do you have any questions about the Woodsong unit?




Answer comprehension questions for chapter 2. Be prepared for Quiz on Chapters 1 and 2 on Wednesday, Dec. 3, and vocabulary.




Wednesday,  December  3



Review vocabulary from chapters 1 and 2.

Classroom Objectives / SOLs / Activities



7.1 SWBAT participate in conversations.

7.4 SWBAT use context and sentence structure to determine meanings of words

7.5 SWBAT identify cause and effect relationships.

B—Directions given for in-class independent reading. Students may sit on the floor but must read—if they have to be redirected while out of seat, they lose the privilege.

D— Students complete formative assessment on Ch. 1 and 2, and vocabulary. Students then read Woodsong chapter 3. Teacher circulates and clarifies/helps as needed.

A—Review tonight’s homework - Finish reading ch. 3, answer comprehension questions and define chapter 3 and 4 vocabulary, using a dictionary.




Homework- Finish reading ch. 3, answer comprehension questions and define chapter 3 and 4 vocabulary, using a dictionary.







Thursday, December 4


Take out: Woodsong , Commas (interrupters)

Classroom Objectives / SOLs / Activities


7.1 SWBAT participate in conversations.

7.4b SWBAT will read to determine meanings of unfamiliar words

7.5 SWBAT read and demonstrate comprehension of fiction.

B—1. Discuss new vocabulary with students. Call out clues to definitions, with students guessing correct word

  1. Discuss: When you are required to discuss reading, what kinds of things can you talk about to “keep conversation going”? (what happened in reading, what you think of what happened in reading, etc.). Discuss: What about digressions—is there ever a time when a digression is okay? (Yes, if conversation is based on book).
  2. Provide instructions for “focus questions.”

D—Discussion Challenge: Groups are divided and provided with a list of two focus questions. Timer is set for 3-minute intervals. Groups discuss each question (in order) for 3 minutes each.

Students then read chapter 4 in Woodsong.

A—Students complete ch. 4 comprehension questions.


7.5 SWBAT read and demonstrate comprehension of non-fiction.

B—Explain instructions for “Connections Choice Day”. Students may work on one of the following:

  • Read Woodsong
  • Work on a Woodsong reading assignment.

D—Students work on one of the three choices. During this time, teacher checks in with students who are behind on work or who have missing work.

A—Do you have any questions about the Woodsong unit?



Students finish reading, answer questions and be prepared for Quiz on Woodsong chapters 3 and 4 and vocabulary Dec. 5, Friday



Friday, December 5


Take out: Woodsong/Quiz Comma Interrupters

Classroom Objectives / SOLs / Activities


7.5 SWBAT read and demonstrate comprehension of non-fiction.

*Administer Reading Check Quiz on chapters 3 and 4, including vocabulary


7.1 SWBAT participate in conversations.

7.5 SWBAT read and demonstrate comprehension of non- fiction.

B—Discuss with class that we will be rotating through 10 minute centers today.

1. Center A students will be viewing a short video on Gary Paulsen, the author of Woodsong. Students will answer comprehension questions.

2. Center B students will be completing formative assessment on ch 3 and 4, including vocabulary.

3. Center C students will be sharing their “Summarizing” homework assignments with teacher and classmates

D—In small groups, students will be rotating through centers.

A—Students may get a head start on next week’s reading in Woodsong.


*Independent Reading


7.5 SWBAT read and demonstrate comprehension of non-fiction.

B—Explain instructions for “Connections Choice Day”. Students may work on one of the following:

  • Read Woodsong
  • Work on a Woodsong reading assignment.

D—Students work on one of the three choices. During this time, teacher checks in with students who are behind on work or who have missing work.

A—Do you have any questions about the Woodsong unit?

Monday - Students will review character traits vocabulary. Students will complete Peer evaluations of This I Believe Essays.  Students will focus on three things: What did I Learn?  How did I learn it? and How am I different now, than I was before I learned it?
Tuesday - Students will complete a final formative assessment on character traits vocabulary.  Students will take notes on new root "cred" words.  Homework - Draw pictures due Thursday.  Students will put finishing touches on Essay, after reflecting on what peers had to say about essay.
Wednesday-Students will review "cred" words and will take notes on Character traits (direct and indirect)  using a Power Point. Students will read selection from textbook and complete TEI questions.
Thursday - Students will use Laptops/Smart board for Quizlet websit to review "cred" root words.  Students will take formative assessment on Textbook selection from yesterday.  
Friday - Students will take summative assessment on vocabulary and spelling.  Students will also create either a Protagonist or Antagonist illustration using examples of direct and indirect characterization.
November 3-7
Monday - Introduce character traits vocabulary.  Sentences due FRIDAY on these, along with a matching quiz. (different format than usual)  Share examples of This I Believe Essay with class.  Students complete two brainstorming activities.
Tuesday - Election Day, no school
Wednesday - Students read comments on Google Docs Essay # 1.  Discuss concepts on which to improve. Students begin new essay - This I Believe.  Introductions need an attention grabber.
Thursday - Students performing/reading "Monsters are due on Maple Street" play from textbook.
Friday - Students finish the play.  Students continue typing remainder of This I Believe Essay.  Students share their sentences from homework. Students take Vocabulary assessment.

Monday - Script Vocabulary/Point of View Review/"Flying Dutchman" article
Tuesday - Script vocabulary review/Foreshadowing video/ Begin "Three Skeleton Key"
Wednesday - Conflict/Foreshadowing skill review/Vocabulary Review and read "The THree Skeleton Key" and complete reading guide
Thursday - Quizlet Smartboard review forScript Vocabulary HOMEWORK DUE: Use vocabulary in pictures or sentences (all of them) continue discussing Three Skeleton Key with students
Friday - Vocabulary and Spelling assessments as well as short assessment on Three Skeleton Key
Welcome to our class.  I am looking forward to getting to know each of you. 

September 29-October 3
This week in all class periods, we will study new root words.  Homework will be due Thursday and includes creating illustrations for each word.  Each day in class, students will review their words with various activities.  Monday, students will bring their flash drives and using their google accounts they created last week, they will write the first middle paragraph of their persuasive essay.  On Tuesday, students will write the 2nd and 3rd middle paragraphs.  Students on Wednesday will write the introduction and conclusion paragraphs.  Special attention to the thesis sentence and call to action will be reinforced.  Thursday will involve students peer editing essays.  On Friday the final essays will be shared with Ms.Cherry in the English folder on Google drive.  TEST - friday on definitions and spelling of root words.

September 15-19
Reg: Students will read Rikki Tikki Tavi and will annotate for conflict and plot.  They will have a mulitiple choice open note assessment on this either Tuesday or Wednesday.  
Regular and Advanced:  Students will receive new "spec" root words.  For homework due Thursday, students can choose to create pictures, a paragraph or sentences using their words.  Finally, students will complete a formative assessment on spelling and comprehension of the words on Friday.  Advanced students will take home an assessment on WHITE FANG towards the end of he week when we finish the novel.  
Writing:  Student will begin working on persuasive writing techniques this week.  Each day students will take a stand either for or against an issue, and will write a persuasive paragraph.

7th grade English: Reg: Monday and Tuesday students will complete the reading of SOUNDER novel and will have a take home assessment Tuesday evening.   They will be able to use their questions from each chapter, on the test.  Wednesday-Friday, students will be introduced to the elements of plot and will read and annotate Rikki Tikki Tavi from the textbook.  A test on this story will be Monday, September 15.  The students will be given a new set of vocabulary words Monday (8th.)  "Man" root words.  Spelling and vocabulary test will be on Friday (12th) as usual.  Finally, a simple formative quiz will be given Tuesday (9th) on Organizational patterns.  Notes to study with are found in the reading section of their binders.  This is library week; we will go on Wednesday.  This is a great opportunity to take AR quizzes.
7th grade English: Advanced: Monday and Tuesday students will finish reading and annotating Rikki Tikki Tavi from the text book.  They will have a formative assessment on Wednesday (10th.)  New vocabulary words will be given on Monday - "man" roots.  A spelling and comprehension assessment on "man" words will be given Friday (12th.)  Wednesday is library day for us as well.  Great day for AR quizzes.  Thursday and Friday we will begin studying external text features of non-fiction selections. Finally, students will have a simple formative assessment on Tuesday on Organizational Patterns.  Notes to study by are located in reading section of the their binders.

 The next week's schedule: (AUGUST 25-AUGUST 29)
Advanced and Regular English classes will focus on Author's Purpose. Students will analyze a passage to determine whether it's persuading, entertaining or informing.  
Advanced and Regular English classes will begin a Latin Root Study for vocabulary.  Each Monday students are given words to define.  A vocabulary homework is always due on Thursday with the spelling/definition test to follow on Friday of EVERY WEEK.   
Students will continue reading novel choices for their classes.  Advanced classes 5th and 6th periods are expected to read a chapter a night and answer the comprehension questions that accompany the chapter.
HOMEWORK (both Regular and Advanced): Vocabulary pictures due Thursday, Vocabulary Test (spelling and definition on Friday August 29)
Advanced: Quiz on White Fang chapters 1-6 on Monday (25th) and White Fang vocabulary quiz on Tuesday (26th)


Monday, Aug.18:  Getting to know you.  Friendly letter example and composition of one to me.
HW:  Reg:  Read for 20-30 minutes.  Adv:  Read White Fang Ch. 3 and answer the given questions.

Tuesday, August 19:  Finishing your friendly letter.  Setting up your Interactive Binder.
HW:  All:  If you did not finish your friendly letter to me, then complete for homework.  Due Thursday, 8/21.  Reg:  Read for 20-30 minutes.  Adv:  Read White Fang Ch. 34and answer the given questions.

Wednesday, August 20:  Interactive Achievement Pre-test. 
If you did not finish your friendly letter to me, then complete for homework.  Due Thursday, 8/21.  Reg:  Read for 20-30 minutes.  Adv:  Read White Fang Ch. 5 and answer the given questions.

Thursday, August 21:  GUM Day!  Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics.  Types of sentences, subjects and predicates, basic sentence diagramming.  Who am I?  Writing activity.
Reg:  Read for 20-30 minutes.  Adv:  Read White Fang Ch. 6and answer the given questions.

Friday, August 22:  SOL pre-test.
‚ÄčReg:  Read for 20-30 minutes.  Adv:  Read White Fang Ch. 67and answer the given questions.

Hi rising 7th graders.  I do hope you are having a wonderful summer.  We still have a few weeks to enjoy :)  For my class, please make sure you have a 1 and 1/2 inch binder with simple dividers.   It can be flexible or not.  Also, you need to make sure you have a flash drive.  This can be same one you used in 6th grade.  Finally, we are suggesting each student have his or her own set of ear buds.  Please check the office for a list of general supplies needed for all 7th grade teachers.  The ones I listed are specific to my English class.  I look forward to meeting you soon. K. Cherry
March 24-28
Monday, March 24 - Students will discuss Poetry Power Point review, along with completing an Organizational Pattern and External Text feature review
Tuesday, March 25 - Students will complete  Poetry review using "The Sea" poem and will complete a review for the Quarterly 3 Benchmark.
Wednesday and Thursday, March 26,27 - Benchmark #3 for 7th grade English.
Friday - Sol drilldown

March 17-21
Monday - Students discussing Shel Silverstein's "Sarah Cythia Sylvia Stout" poem and reading three more poems and annotating for tone and various other poetry elements
Tuesday -  Students and teachers will go through and discuss power point review on poetry elements and complete a review
Wednesday - Poetry Assessment. Students will need to know definitions and how to identify poetic elements
Thursday and Friday - Benchmark review using centers and poetry 

March 10-14
Monday - Students will discuss ch. 6 in Emmett Till and answer comprehension questions.   Students will begin reading ch. 7.  Students reading Code Orange will continue with chapters 9, 10, 11
Tuesday - Students will complete the reading of  Emmett Till and will discuss the final chapter.  Students reading Code Orange will continue with 10, 11, 12
Wednesday - Students reading Emmett Till will take a final summative assessment on the novel.  Students reading Code Orange will read chapters 11, 12, 13 and answer corresponding comprehension questions.  Students will take a quiz on Ch. 10-13
Thursday - Students begin a Poetry unit, with a power point and notes.  Code Orange students will push on with chapters 13, 14,1 5
Friday - Students continue poetry unit, and Code Orange students shoot for finishing the novel.  If not, needs to be finished independently at home over weekend.

March 3-7
Monday - Advanced - Vocabulary Quiz on Emmett Till Vocab set #1, Read and discuss chapter 5/ Regular - Discuss vocab and comprehension questions for chapters 8 and 9
Tuesday - Read and answer comprehension questions on chapter 6 in Emmett Till/Regular - Read chapter 10 and complete vocab and comprehension questions
Wednesday - Advanced - Vocabulary quiz on Emmett Till vocab set #2, discuss chapter 6 in novel/Regular - Quiz on recent chapters
Thursday - Advanced - Read chapter 7 of Emmett Till and answer comprehension questions/Regulary - read chapter 11and answer comprehension questions and complete vocabulary
Friday -Advanced - complete 3rd set of vocabulary for Emmett Till and discuss chapter 7/Regulary - Discuss chapter 11 in Code Orange and take quiz on vocabulary thus far

Monday, February 24-Friday, February 28
Monday - Students will discuss chapter  and share Flow Maps in Advanced. They will read chapter 3 in Emmett Till.  Students will discuss chapter 3 in Code Orange and read chapters 4 and 5.
Tuesday - Students will share Tree Maps and Double Bubble created from chapter 3 in Emmett Till.  Students will take a quiz on Code Orange, chapters 4 and 5 in regular classes.
Wednesday - Students will discuss chapter 4 in Emmett Till and will read chapter 5.  Vocabulary??   In regular English, students will continue reading chapters 6 and 7 in Code Orange
Thursday - Students will quiz on Emmett Till on book so far.  In regular English, students will read chapters 8 and 9.
Friday - Students will complete writing assignment reflecting on reading so far.

Mon. Feb. 17- Fri. Feb 21
Mon, Feb 17-Students present power points on research
Tues. Feb18- Student introduced to novels The True Story Of Emmett Till or Code Orange, with power points, Students glue in calendars, comprehension questions and vocabulary
Wed. Feb 19-Fri. Feb 21 - Students are reading independently as well as out loud with teacher.  Students have a calendar/agenda by which to follow for chapters due each day.  Reading is required at home. students can expect comprehension quizzes each day on previous day's reading. 

Mon., Feb. 10 - Wed., Feb.12 - Students will be completing research on topics related to non-fiction and fiction novels they will begin next week.  Students will research, create a works cited page and then create a Power Point with all of the information.
Thurs., Feb. 13 -Fri., Feb 14 - Students will be presenting Power Points individually or in groups. Other groups will be evaluating for the elements needed in research.

Mon., 2/3 - Students will review Orpheus, write paragraph, and create thinking map comparing student and Orpheus
Tues., 2/4 - Students will read Flight of Icarus/summative quiz on comprehension
Wed., 2/5 - Students begin a Research project by viewing power point explaining topics on which to take a stance
Thurs., 2/6 - Students use Laptops to find relevant research to support their stance
Fri., 2/7 - Students use Laptops to find relevant research to support their stance and will begin creating a power point in groups.


Mon., 1/27 -  Intro to vocab ben, bon  - good,  Reg:  bonus, pro bono, beneficiary, bonafide, bon voyage, benign, benediction, benevolent, benefit, benefactor,  Adv:  bonus, pro bono, beneficiary, bonafide, bon voyage, benign, benediction, benevolent, benefit, benefactor, boon, beneficial
Lit:  Intro to Folklore - focus on myths, read "King Midas" discuss and answer questions.
HW:  Due Tuesday, Themeatic sentence map - write sentences for each of your words.  All must be about the same idea, i.e. mountains, soccer, cheerleading, etc.  Put central idea in the center of your paper, web (map) out sentences from  there.  . Read 20 minutes.
Tues. 1/28 - Vocab fill in activity, discussion of fable - read "The Mouse and the Lion"  discussion.  "Belling the Cat"  read and answer questions. discuss.  Wed. 1/29 - Vocab power pt - synonyms and antonyms.  Lit: "Orpheus"   
Thurs., 1/30 - Vocab activity - share thematic sentence maps.  "Icarus"
Fri., 1/31 - Spelling and Vocab. quizzes, Icarus quiz.  Adv:  Double Bubble Activity.
Connections:  Independent Reading, response to writing prompt:  Is self-control an important human characteristic?  Why or why not?  Give examples from your own life.  

Due to the inclement weather we have had to readjust our plans for the next several weeks.  The next two weeks, starting 2/3, we will create and present research based power points or essays on given topics.  Student choice from teacher topics.

Starting the week of 2/17 we will begin a book study. 
Regular:  Code Orange. 
Advanced:  Getting Away With Murder: The True Story of the Emmett Till Case

January 21-24
Tuesday - Students will take summative test on "The Highwayman" They will used their annotated version of poem.  Student will read short selection of "The Crane Wife." and will take a short formative assessment
Wednesday - Students will read back ground information on fiction and nonfiction novels they start reading in class.
Thursday - Students begin reading non-fiction and fiction novels in class.  Students will be answering higher level Blooms taxonomy questions as comprehension questions for each chapter.
Friday - Students will take formative comprehension quiz on reading thus far.

January 6-10
English7 Regular and Advanced
Monday and Tuesday - In both sections of English, students will be reviewing all literary terms, and reading comprehension skills covered in 2nd 9 weeks.
Wednesday - Students completing an cumulative review of 2nd 9 weeks' skills using completing activity using I pads.
Thursday and Friday - Students in computer lab completing 2nd 9 weeks summative Benchmark.

English 7 Regular/Advanced
Advanced-Students will continue to read and finish Taming Clancy.  A summative test on Friday on the book.  Point of View, conflict and Hmm...activities due asap. Let me grade when they are completed.  Also, modified  chart assignment with summarizing, character, and miscellaneous due also (only choose one)
Regular - Student continue to read and finish Woodsong novel. Each day they read 10 pages in book and answers appropriate questions on study guide, which include higher order thinking questions as well as vocabulary.  Big summative test on this week's reading on Friday. Miscellaneous assignment due Friday, as well. (from chart)

Monday - Regular - WOODSONG chapter 5 and comprehension questions. HW: answer questions and define vocabulary for chapters 5/6. Also, Character homework due Friday - (from chart, where you choose from tiered assignments)
Advanced - Taming Clancy - T/S discuss events from chapters 8/9, read 10/11. Don't forget "Abstract Thinking" assignment due Wednesday
Tuesday - WOODSONG chapter 6 and comprehension questions. Discuss vocabulary  HW: answer questions and study for Summative assessment on ch. 5/6 and vocabulary
Advanced - Taming Clancy - T/S discuss events from 10/11, read 12/13.  Abstract thinking assignment due Wednesday
Wednesday - WOODSONG summative test on chapters 5/6 and vocabulary, read chapter 7 and complete comprehension questions.  Also, define all vocabulary for chapters 7 and 8.
Advanced - TAMING CLANCY - discuss events from 12/13, read 14/15. S will share abstract thinking about relating a character to a car model. :)
Thursday - WOODSONG - Discuss vocabulary 7/8 as well as events from 7, read chapter 8 and answer comprehension questions Study ch. 7.8 for quiz tomorrow.
Advanced - TAMING CLANCY - discuss 14/15 (S volunteer to make connections and lead discussion) read 16/17 and be prepared for assessment tomorrow on chapters this week.
Friday - Both Advanced/Regular - Summative assessments (regular - 7/8) advanced on all chapters read thus far

Dec. 2-6
Monday - Students given novels  Advanced (Taming Clancy) and Regular (Woodsong) Students will be reading first chapter on Monday and be given a calendar of expected completion dates for chapter readings, questions, and quizzes.
Tuesday - Students read chapter 2(regular) and chapters 2/3 in Advanced. Both classes will have comprehension quiz on Wednesday. Vocabulary will be included on Regular quiz
Wednesday - Students read chapter 3 in Regular, as well as given new vocabulary to be defined for homework. In advanced, students will read 4/5.
Thursday - Regular - students read chapter 4, discuss vocabulary and be ready for quiz on Friday on ch. 3/4 and vocabulary.  Regular will also have "summarizing" activity due Friday.   Advanced - Read 6/7 chapters.
Friday - Center work in Regular classes, including author study, assessment and summarizing activity.  Advanced - Assessment on all chapters so far
November 25 - TEI items practice for SOL, Mother and Daughter test
November 26 - Library, spelling Bee
November 27 - Thanksgiving Brain Teasers

November 18-22
Monday - Students given "cred" vocabulary list, discussion of Duffy's jacket and characterization, formative assessment on Duffy's jacket
Tuesday - Story - "Girls" literary skill - characterization, review vocabulary, Interims sent home
Wednesday - "Mother and Daughter" story, formative assessment on "Girls," discussion characaterization
Thursday - Homework for vocabulary due (sentences), discuss "Mother and Daughter," formative assessment on vocabulary and "Mother and Daughter"
Friday - Summative assessment on "cred" vocabulary/spelling

November 11 - Students will receive 2nd list of character traits as vocabulary for week.  Students will be finishing 1st rough draft of This I Believe Essay.  Peer evaluations will be completed
November 12 - Students will revise their own essay, correcting items from peer evaluations.  Students will be using a thesaurus to change words and will be revising sentences.
November 13 - Students will make any final changes to essay and will save the final copy for Ms. Cherry to grade. Students will then work on the website IQ Piquouson; this site contains practice SOl questions for the students
November 14 -  Students will review both sets of vocabulary (character traits) for spelling and vocabulary quiz tomorrow. Students will be reviewing indirect and direct characterization in their INB's
November 15 - Students will take summative assessments on spelling and vocabulary

November 4 - Students will discuss Three Skeleton Key Test, and be given new vocabulary - character trait words (no root words this week) Students introduced to "This I Believe Essay"
November 5 - Election Day/conferences
November 6 - Students receive more instruction on "This I Believe Essay" and will begin completing a Brainstorm on their ideas, using a Tree Map
November 7 - Students actually composing a rough draft of TIB essay using laptops in the room
November 8 - Quiz on character trait words/spelling and Students performing peer editing on rough drafts of TIB essays
October 21 - Student copy definitions for "graph" root " words.  Homework due Thursday - sentences.  Also, students are reading "User Friendly" in the Literature book. Special focus on conflict and characterization.
October 22 - quiz on "User Friendly"  Review vocabulary. Discuss the story, with emphasis on static and dynamic characters, all kinds of conflict - internal, external, etc.
October 23 - Quiz on commas.  Read short selection in yellow Literature book
October 24 - complete review on Vocabulary, discuss "Yeh Shen"
October 25 - Summative Assessment on vocabulary/spelling

October 15-18
October 15 - Students will copy definitions of "port."  Students will copy comma rules from power point.  Homework:  Write sentences using the vocabulary words, using commas.
October 16 - Students  and will review Plot diagram, including exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution.  Students will complete plot diagram for Rikki Tikki Taki and Charles.  Students will begin reading "User Friendly" in yellow Literature book, completing double entry journal with higher level Bloom's taxonomy questions.
October 17 - Students will continue reading "User Friendly" and completing questions and will then go to the library.
October 18 - Students will discuss "User Friendly"  Students will take vocabulary and spelling quiz.

October 7-11
Monday, October 7 - Students will review concepts including author's purpose, author's bias, vocabulary, external text features, organizational patterns for Tuesday/Wednesday's 1st quarter Benchmark
Tuesday and Wednesday October 8 and 9 - Students completing Summative assessment - First Quarter Reading/Writing benchmark
Thursday, October 10 - Students reading "Charles" in yellow Literature Book
Friday, October 11 - Students continue their study of "Charles" fiction story, Vocabulary/spelling Tests Today

September 23-27
Monday - Friday:  Students will be composing their persuasive essays on one of the following topics:  1) Should teachers issue Ipads or textbooks, 2)Activity/club students should be involved in, and 3)Should teachers assign group projects?   We will be composing, editing and printing final copies over the course of the next two weeks.  On Monday, students receive new "sect" words.  Students can draw pics or write sentences with words - due Thursday, as usual.  Friday is the vocabulary quiz and spelling test.
September 16-20
Monday, September 16 - Students will receive new vocab. words (root "ject") Students will be reminded of DAR essay contest, Reflections Contest, and Fiction book report (interview) due Sept. 26.  Students will begin discussing nonfiction selection to be read this week...(with multi-flow map - topic Doing the Right Thing) Homework - complete the multi-flow map created in class
Tuesday, September 17 - Students will be reading non-fiction selection from yellow Holt Literature book - "A Mason Dixon Memory" page 535 and answering higher level thinking questions/ Students will share their multi-flow maps
Wednesday, September 18 - Students continue reading "A Mason Dixon Memory," answering higher Bloom's questions.  Homework - Vocabulary sentences due

Thursday, September 19 - formative assessment reviewing vocabulary (open notes), formative assessment on "A Mason Dixon Memory"(Open book)
Friday, September 20 - summative assessment on spelling/definitions of vocabulary - root "ject"
Monday, Sept. 9 - Students will receive new vocabulary words (root "spec") Students will continue reading "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" and completing double entry journal. Students will discuss various conflicts/settings in the story.  Is the author biased? Homework - Write a paragraph using half of your vocabulary words - due Thursday
Tuesday, Sept. 10 - Students will review vocabulary words with a sort.  Students will finish reading "Rikki..."Students will discuss the accuracy of their predictions. 
Wednesday, Sept. 11 - TEST on the short story we've been reading "Rikki-tikki-tavi" Please review Journal questions to prepare for test.  
Thursday, Sept. 12 - Students are introduced to External Features of fiction/nonfiction selections  with Power Point. Students will complete a sort and then review vocabulary words with regular multiple choice handout.
Friday, Sept 13 - TEST on spelling and definitions of "spec" words /Students will continue their study of External Text features.

September 3-6
Tuesday, Sept. 3 - Return papers/Tuesday folders. Discuss book report expectations (due September 26)/Sort and glue in new vocabulary words with root "man"/Anticipatory Guide for "Rikki-tikki-tavi." Homework: Vocabulary pictures due Thursday/Spelling/Vocabulary Test on Friday Sept. 6.
Wednesday, Sept 4 - Students read fiction piece "Rikki-tikki-tavi" with partners.  Students will complete Double Entry Journal while reading
Thursday, Sept. 5 - Students continue reading "Rikki..." and they will go to library for check out
Friday, Sept. 6 - Test on "man" vocabulary definitions and spelling/Students will continue reading and discussing the important short story elements including conflict/setting/characters

August 26-30
Monday, August 26 - Vocabulary/Intro. to Text Structures/HOMEWORK: draw pictures illustrating definitions(due Thursday) (Advanced only - create paragraph using at least 6 new vocabulary words.)
Tuesday, August 27 - Vocabulary practice (words in context)/Tree map for Text Organization/HOMEWORK: TEST on vocab definitions and spelling on Friday the 30th.  (Advanced only - word puzzle)
Wednesday, August 28 - Review root words (ped)/Text structure practice and PIE (persuade, inform, entertain  - what's author's purpose?) HOMEWORK: Finish illustrations and word puzzles
Thursday, August 29 - Analysis of several non-fiction selections/How is each text organized? HOMEWORK: Study for spelling/definition test
Friday, August 30 - Test on vocabulary definitions and spelling
August 19-23: Monday, August 19 - Pre-Assessment
Tuesday, August 20 - Pre-Assessment
Wednesday, August 21 - Organize INB's
Thursday, August 22 - LMC for Checkout and Star Test
Friday, August 23 - Treasure Hunt for Procedures and Policies

August 15th Homework:  Read the syllabus and sign the form, along with your parents.  Find a safe place at home for your Literature book.  Finally, parents of students in my homebase, fill out information on Bedford county website, using Infosnap code you were given in red Tuesday folder.

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