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School supplies:
paper pencils                                   checking pens
highlighter(s)                     eraser(s)      colored pencils
1 Mead Five Star 100 sheet spiral composition book* 
earphones for a chrome book

* I like the Mead because it is durable.  We will use this notebook nearly every day as an interactive notebook where students maintain and organize notes, vocabulary lists, reading skills, etc.  As such, it needs to hold up well.

Homebase Supply List – to be left with homebase teacher

         2 boxes of tissues                                   2 glue sticks

         1 pack lined loose leaf paper                Colored pencils

         Hand sanitizer                                         1 roll paper towels  

After the second week of school or so -
Through Google Chrome:
log into classroomgoogle.com  
There I have posted my weekly lesson plans, power points, and worksheets.  Please access it for more detailed information regarding each unit. 
Each of your children have logged into my classroom and are able to view and print all information available.  I do not post my tests and quizzes.
Through this website parents and students are able to see what we are doing and when we are doing it, thus enabling students to return from an absence current with the classroom activities.

Below is a copy of my syllabus.  It will be sent home in the first week of school.    

 7th Grade Regular and Advanced Language Arts

                                        Mrs. Julia Hubbard


Welcome to the seventh grade!  On the following pages, you will find an overview of our year together, class procedures, and what you can do to prepare.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the school year.  You may contact me through email: jhubbard@bedford.k12.va.us or by school telephone: 525-6630.

Course Curriculum

As a seventh grader, you will

  • develop analytical and interpretive skills in literature
  • develop writing skills
  • develop listening and oral communication skills
  • develop reasoning skills
  • develop technological skills

All students are required to read and achieve an appropriate amount of AR points per quarter.  This is a summative test grade.  A list of book titles that we may use in instruction appears on the FMS website.  If a parent objects to a particular book there is an opt-out form available on the website.


Grading Policies

Assignments are weighted as follows: classwork x 1, quizzes x 2, tests, essays, and projects x 3.

A – 90 – 100

B – 80 – 89.99

C – 70 – 79.99

D – 60 – 69.99

F  – Below 59.99

Assignments are further weighted as formative, 40%, or summative, 60%.  Daily work, homework, and some quizzes will fall in the formative category.  The summative category will have quizzes, tests, essays, and projects. 

 Mrs. Hubbard’s Supply List

Students will be expected to have these materials throughout the entire school year.  Many will need to be replenished from time to time.

1 Mead Spiral Composition Book, 100 sheets                                          Pencils                    Checking pens                                    Eraser                                         Highlighters                                     

 Homebase Supply List – to be donated to Mrs. Hubbard

         2 boxes of tissues                                   2 glue sticks

         1 pack lined loose leaf paper                Colored pencils

         Hand sanitizer                                        1 roll paper towels 

Donating supplies assures that all students have materials as needed.  Of course, students may have and use their own supplies.

Optional:  mini-stapler scissors tape markers

Daily Warm-ups

An assignment posted for students at the beginning of every class period.  Students will be expected to come to class with all materials, get ready, and begin the warm-up promptly.  Students will be periodically graded on their warm-ups, without notice, so they should do their best on every assignment.

Students should have an independent reading book at all times.  The warm-up may be independent reading.


Homework and AR Reading Assignment

Homework will be assigned throughout the week.  When students do not have a written assignment, they are expected to read for a minimum of thirty minutes each night including weekends.

Reading is assessed through students reading and achieving a set number of AR points each quarter. 
CORE/Regular classes are required to achieve 10 AR points each quarter.

Advanced classes are required to achieve 20 AR points each quarter.

This AR assignment counts as a summative test grade and may make the difference in a letter grade or two if not achieved.


Assignment Completion

Students are expected to complete and turn in all work. When they do not complete work by the given deadline, they may be required to do so at another time during or outside the school day. Parents will be notified when work completion becomes a problem, and the teacher will make multiple attempts to have students complete the assignment(s). Work not completed within the given time period may be assessed a penalty after the teacher determines the cause of a student’s failure to complete assigned work. If the student’s failure to turn in work is justified, the student’s work may be turned in late with an appropriate grade assigned. Partially completed work or work not turned in at all will be graded according to the quantity and quality of work completed; this may include a grade of “zero” if it is not turned in within a reasonable time frame.


Internet Posting of Assignments and Make-up Work

All lesson plans, assignments, tests, projects, and essays will be announced in class and posted on my Google Classroom page; however, I do not post tests and quizzes. Pop quizzes may be given without notice.  Students should check the Google Classroom website when they are absent so they are prepared on their return and do not fall behind in their assignments.  Assignments may be downloaded and printed to complete or they may be turned in electronically; they can be sent directly through Google Classroom to my email.

In addition, a While You Were Out notebook is located in the classroom. After an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to access it for his/her assignments. 

Students are responsible for work assigned when absent. 


Classroom Rules and Procedures

  1. Be prepared for class with all materials, assignments, and an attentive attitude before the bell rings.
  2. Show respect for yourself and others.
  3. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  4. Be appropriate with your words and actions at all times.


Consequences (These are not in order, consequences are based on the offense.)

  1. Call out.  Three times results in a Silent Lunch, After School Detention, or Office Referral – per 7th grade policy.
  2. Isolation from class (if appropriate).
  3. Call home.




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