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April 6th 

- Focused Fitness has provided us with several quick activities to get you moving: - more to come from Focused Fitness
- Take advantage of our outdoor resources in Bedford County and the surrounding area
- Go for a walk  (I bet your dog would enjoy getting out some more!)
- Take a hike - a great family activity! Whether you're able to get up Sharp Top or along the Blackwater Creek Trail, or even through some of the trails at Falling Creek Park
- Play catch with your siblings or parents
- Work on your basketball skills - shooting, ball handling, etc.
- Use your Apple Watch, fitness tracker, or smartphone to track your steps - set a goal each day

PE Newsletter

Parents can access student physical fitness scores online. Go to (click on this link) and login. In the username put your student's ID number and in password, use your student's last name.

Letter to Parents about PE Changes


Fitnessgram Tests

The students will be participating in the fall Fitnessgram physical fitness tests in September. To help prepare them for these tests please encourage your student to be active even on their non-physical education days and especially on the weekends. 

1st 9 WEEKS Topics of Discussion 

*Exercise and nutrition 

*Checking your pulse 

*Calculating the Target Heart Zone (THZ) 

*Fall Fitnessgram Tests - start in September  

     - FMS uses the Fitnessgram program to test our students - for more              information on Fitnessgram tests check out  


     - Perform basic skills - passing, receiving, punting 

     - Lead-up games to football 


*Large Group Instruction Activities 

     - Boundary Ball 

     - Speedball 

     - End Zone Ball 

     - Quad Ball 

These activities reinforce and give the students the opportunity to practice the football skills that have already been taught. 


Grading Policy:  The grading policy is based on a total points system.  Each student can earn up to 100 points for physical education each nine weeks.  The points for physical education are based upon preparation, cooperation, and completion of assigned tasks. 

     Preparation - appropriate dress, in squads on time 

     Cooperation - participation, proper attitude and demonstration of appropriate social skills towards instructors and fellow students 

     Completion of Tasks - proper execution of tasks according to teacher instruction, including successful completion of the physical fitness tests (Fitness Gram) 

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