7th Grade Health

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This week in 7th grade Health....

                                        Red or Black Shirt every Friday for school spirit. 

Week 1 -
Day 1 All about me essay. The student will introduce themselves to the teacher through an essay. 
The student will begin health lesson on the skeletal system. 
Labeling the skeletal system with the Latin and common names of select bones. 
The student will take notes on the skeletal system.
The student will be quizzed on the skeletal system
Notebook check - Red or Black Friday

Week 2
Muscle label sheet in Latin 
Muscles notes- fill in the blank style. 
Quiz Review on the muscles- teacher reviews answers. 
Test on Skeletal and muscular system. Muscular word search.
Notebook check- Red or Black Friday

Week 3
Muscular word search with hidden messages to be complete.
Skeletal and Muscular iPad project with a partner. Video an action, edit project in iMovie naming the bones and muscles used for that action. 
View project. This is a test grade.
Notebook check and Red or Black Friday.

Week 4- two week unit
Nervous system - notes and visual learning.
Nervous system notes continued
Quiz on Nervous system.
Neuron notes.
Test on Nervous system and Neuron. 
Notebook check and Red or Black Friday

Week 5- Two week unit
The student will learn about the cardiovascular, respiratory and lymphatic systems via the teacher lecture, discussion and notes.
The teacher will begin the unit on Cardiovascular System.
The students will learn the parts of the heart and the blood vessels and and the path of the blood through the heart on a worksheet diagram.
Notes: The students will learn more about the heart and Blood: types of blood , what the blood consists of in parts, and Heart defects. 

Review for test
Test- The student will know the parts of the heart (label them) and the blood flow (13 steps)! 
Friday: Notebook check day. Red or Black Shirt day! 

Week 6
Monday through Friday we will cover our Nutrition unit. 
 Calories, fats, protein carbohydrates, meal planning, grocery lists and      
 bargains. Creating a menu, price list, total budget. 

Friday: Notebook check day. Red or Black Shirt day! 

Week 7 
We will work on a project using our Nutritional information from last week we will create a physical fitness program that is realistic to the nutrients our body receives.
Friday: Notebook check day. Red or Black Shirt day! 

Week 8 (optional based on time)
The students will create a fun day activity using FMS as the location of the event. 
The student will organize the donations, games, meals, snacks, concessions for purchase, trophies for competitive games, drinks. The student will organize all levels 6-8th and when rotations will take place for games, lunches, etc.
Then the student must present the project with a key coded poster of where all the events will take place and their times and grade level.
Friday: Notebook check day. Red or Black Shirt day! 

Week 9 (optional based on time)
Hero/Inspiration week... Work on a research paper that allows the student to express their reason for being inspired by an athlete, coach, parent, anyone the student looks up to for inspiration and life situations. The library will be utilized or the student my bring a book or two from home and possible use of the internet as computers are available. 

Friday: Notebook check day. Red or Black Shirt day! 

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